Politica per la Qualità

Lampocar S.r.l., manufacturer of RANIERO forklifts, is specialized in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of 4-wheeled forklifts with counterbalance forks and in delivering training of customers’ operators for achieving qualification to operate with the forklifts.

For Lampocar S.r.l, Quality represents a fundamental component of the firm’s principles. From the beginning, Lampocar S.r.l has built its reputation on quality products. The publication of the Italian version of ISO 9001:2015 in September 2015, has set for Lampocar S.r.l the preconditions to furtherly improve its system.

Lampocar S.r.l management promotes Quality culture through the combined effort of everybody who works in the company and for the company.

This requires that everybody is involved and aware of her/his own role and responsibility in accomplishing objectives of quality and continuous improvement.

In order to do this, Lampocar S.r.l. intends to:

  1. Maintain a Certified Quality System of the company, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, and ensure that all the possible future regulatory reviews are adopted.

  2. Conduct an activity of continuous improvement of Quality defining methods, programs and indicators to optimize productive processes through a constant investment in resources.

  3. Constantly monitor the Customer’s Satisfaction and Retention Status with the aim to improve the Quality of the offered products and services, prevent complaints and respect delivery terms.

  4. Accurately choose suppliers, searching for endless collaboration with them, implementing a supplies’ control system and continuously raising suppliers’ awareness on the company Quality Policy implemented by Lampocar S.r.l.

  5. Eliminate non-conformities in products through controls in different phases of the production process in order to avoid defects, minimize waste and as a consequence prevent complaints, returns and problems related to compliance and low Quality of the product.

  6. Steadily promote Research and Development of new technologies aimed at saving, energy efficiency and at the progressive reduction of polluting emissions.

  7. Apply the risk-based thinking logic to any process.

  8. Improve the security of informative systems and preserve information ensuring its availability, privacy and integrity, implementing what is provided in European Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR).

  9. Act in full observance of the norms and laws in force, nationally and internationally, and applicable to the supplied products and to the industry of belonging of the company.

  10. Improve competencies and involvement of the company’s Human Resources, encouraging participation and sharing of Quality objectives through training, supervision and effective communication.

  11. Prevent and reduce risks related to workers’ health and safety, ensuring that work environments are proper, safe and ergonomic to activities execution, protecting workers’ health through continuous hygienic monitoring and spreading culture regarding quality, ethics and information security. This may be achieved through appropriate informative sessions for all employees, increasing their awareness, and fostering a working environment which, inspired by respect, honesty and collaboration, allows involvement and a sense of responsibility in employees.

The management is involved in the respect and implementation of these commitments, ensuring and periodically verifying that the Policy is documented, performed, maintained active, regularly reexamined, shared with every employee and made available to the public.

The management proposes to spread and sustain a common vision of the company’s Objectives in order to facilitate inter-functional and interpersonal relationships and to raise everybody’s awareness concerning the fact that everyone’s contribution will help company’s growth and will ensure his/her own individual well-being.

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