• Live Support:

    Raniero Forklift uses a network of dealers and distributors in Italy and around the World.
    They provide assistance PRE and POST sale to those who purchase or rent a Raniero forklift.
    Our technical office assists every single technician via monitoring remote diagnostics, analysis and maintenance remote support.

  • Purchase consultancy:

    The choice of the forklift suitable to operational needs and workplace conditions is an important point. Our approach based on counseling helps us fully to understand the customer’s processes and activity.
    Under definition, our technical department collects information and verifies details of type, size and weight of the moved loads, of the modality and frequency of using the forklift, of environmental and climatic workplace’s conditions, of possible limited dimensions to be respected, of operator’s preferences.
    The full report and the advice of our technical department will give customers the model that best meets the functional requirements.

  • Technical expertise:

    We manufacture forklifts since 1967. We were the first to develop the forklifts with AC technology for the range form 7 to 25 tons.
    We provide technical training to the staff in the diagnostic, repairing, maintenance and adjustment fields. Upon the delivery of the truck, we organize a meeting at our company or at the place where the truck will operate.

  • Marketing support:

    Our marketing and sales department has the task of assisting your sales network through training, consultancy at our company and at your premises.
    At the same time, they are available tools accessible from different devices.
    Website: developed and continuously updated with a dual purpose:

    1. To be a portal full of information for operators and for all those who are fans of forklifts.

    2. To be a training tool, a virtual catalogue for retailers and dealers of our brand. For each product range they are explained the technology, the functions of the truck, the available versions and the driving experience. They come complete of pictures and videos.

    Youtube channel with new and updated tutorial videos.
    Virtual catalogue that may be downloaded and printed on demand.
    LinkedIn page: to be updated by the most important professional social network. It is available in different languages.