Our electric forklifts operate in Singapore

DHL's logistics subsidiary in Singapore is using 2 of our RH50-SBE-C electric forklifts to unload and load paper rolls from containers

Our partner SKS Engineering for Singapore has rented for 5 years 2 of our electric forklifts with the low height configuration to operate inside containers. Each truck has a capacity ...

30t electric forklifts serving Tata Steel in Wales

Tata Steel has chosen to replace its 23t Paus gas trucks with four 30t electric trucks

What rewarded Raniero was our ability to offer a compact electric forklift truck that, despite having a greater capacity, has the same dimensions to operate in tight manoeuvring spaces.

Tata is one of India's largest industrial ...

AC160L-12 - AC220L-12 120V is the new series of electric forklifts

AC160L-12 - AC200L-12 120V is the new series of electric forklift trucks designed for paper mills, port terminals, steel mills, wind turbine handling, cement works, timber, carpentry and many other sectors.

The new AC160L-12 - AC200L-12 120V range is an innovative choice that combines diesel performance with eco-sustainability. Rated capacity from ...

The new RH forklift configuration for the recycling sector

The RH50-60-70 series has a new configuration developed for the recycling industry.

The recycling industry is growing in the wave of increasing attention to ecology, environmental sustainability and material recycling.

Thanks to our long experience in the paper and recycling sectors that involve the use of clamps, subjecting the trucks to heavy ...

Compacts, Performing, Eco-friendly: the Raniero Forklifts are the right solution for you

Since 1967 Raniero Forklifts has been producing high performance forklifts tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

Today we are the only ones able to offer a complete range of electric forklifts ranging from 5 to 32 tons that can be configured in terms of operating autonomy, working conditions, size ...

Our collaboration with STILL Italia keeps going on

Our collaboration with STILL Italia keeps going. They have entrusted us on developing and supplying two 8 tons at 900 mm electric forklifts compact on sizes, length from the fork face l2= 3350 mm only.

It’s the result of using proactive approach with customers: focus on finding out the right ...

RH45 for radioactive waste management

Redesigned our RH45 electric forklift truck for radioactive waste management of a former nuclear plant managed by Sogin.

Sogin is a public company responsible for the decommissioning of Italian nuclear plants and the management of radioactive wasteSince 2012 our collaboration continued with the delivery of some AC250-8 120V - ...

25 tons at 1200 mm electric in 380V: the world's largest electric forklift truck is now real

In collaboration with FTMH we have developed the world\'s first electric forklift truck of 25 tons to 1200 mm. The project is the result of a commission of LA CISA Trasporti Industriali that is investing in eco-sustainable logistics, choosing us as a partner for the electrification of the machine, so ...

Raniero Software to monitor, control, configure and adjust Raniero forklifts remotly

Remote monitoring and reporting:

For more than 40 years we at Raniero have been producing electric forklifts. The world of electronics is continuously making great progress. In these years there is a process in continuous evolution that leads every electric forklift truck to be more and more performing, more efficient, more ...

Raniero Electric 25 tons in South Korea

At the beginning of February we delivered our redesigned AC250-8-CO 120V forklift truck with a lowered height profile to South Korea. A truck developed for a Korean company producing special steels for the aerospace industry. The project is the result of a collaboration with Manho Trading, distributor of forklift trucks ...

The ACL series is enriched with the model ACL80-9

The ACL series is enriched with the model ACL80-9, the range of compact forklifts for frequent and short operations

Appreciated for the performance and compact size offered by our distributors and our customers, we have extended the range. The ACL series consists of the models ACL60-6 - ACL65-6 - ACL70-6 - ...

RH forklift series: high performances and zero emissions

RH50 - 60 - 70 offer high performances and zero emissions. Line choice for reliability demonstrated when subjected to heavy loads and continuous work on multiple shifts. Flexibility in the use in indoor and outdoor areas, with different types of flooring.

A range that is developed for 5, 6 and 7 ...

Giornale della Logistica: 3 pages full of stories and curiosities about us

Il Giornale della Logistica magazine interviewed us talking about our products and projects A 3-page article full of stories and curiosities about us.

Download it and enjoy!


A special narrow forklift of 22 tonnes for a world leader in heat treatments

For Trater, an Italian leading company in the world for the heat treatment of appliances for the oil & gas, energy, mechanical engineering and transport sectors, Raniero has developed a hydrostatic diesel forklift truck with a capacity of 22t at 1700 mm centre of gravity and a width of only ...

 From October 3rd to 5th Raniero Carrelli will be present at GIS 2019 in Piacenza

From October 3rd to 5th Raniero Carrelli will be present at GIS 2019 in Piacenza

GIS is Europe\'s largest trade fair for lifting, industrial and port handling, AGV and industrial transport machinery and equipment

We will be at Hall 1, Stand D11.

Participation in this event is part of a programme to promote our ...

H.24 configuration: able to work 24 hours with 2 batteries AC70-6 / AC80-6 / AC80-9 / AC100L-6

With only two 120V 1240Ah batteries, our AC 7 - 10 ton trucks are capable of working 24 hours.

At Raniero we are a company that focuses on the search for new configurations of our forklifts thanks to our ability to transform into technical specifications the operational needs expressed by ...

Raniero Electric forklifts at Promat Chicago 2019

From 8 to 11 April Raniero Carrelli will be present at Promat 2019 in Chicago. Guests of Liftking Manufacturing Corp. at booth N6729, we will present our range of electric trucks with high capacity and long operating time.

Promat Chicago, together with Logimat in Stuttgart, Germany, is one of the most important ...

A new forklift series for narrow working areas: the new NW- Narrow Width series

Raniero extends its range of forklifts with a new series from 10 to 18 tons with 770 to 1100 mm load center and 1800 mm width only. A new range designed for those who need to handle heavy loads, especially steel and aluminium coils, in narrow width conditions.

Raniero has developed ...

 Fuel cost savings, enviromental sensitivity: ACL70-6 solution for Moser Spedition GmbH

A focus on environmental awareness and attention to fuel consumption were the driving forces for the purchase of an ACL70-6 Electric Raniero forklift by Moser Spedition GmbH. A compact forklift truck, a solution for those who need to carry out short and frequent operations.

Moser Spedition GmbH is an innovative ...

Very proud for our new catalogue complete of information, pictures, ideas for your business

We are proud to present our new catalogue

Our history since 1967, our experience, product ranges, photos and datasheets, support and service tools, equipment and devices resume in 52 coloreful pages

Would you like to receive a copy of it?
Send us an email to complete of your name, company and address

or fill ...

Ardagh Group: the new series of narrow side forklifts for recyclable packaging world leader

Ardagh group is a global company specialized in the development and production of recyclable packaging solutions in metal and glass for the most important international brands in the beverage, food and non-food sectors. Within a project, Raniero has signed an agreement to supply trucks from 12 tons to 16 tons ...

Una lunga esperienza al servizio dei Vostri clienti del settore legname

Raniero has a long experience in the timber sector. Prolonged autonomy, reliability, wide visibility, ergonomics are the aspects recognized to our trucks.

Each of our customers around the world requires a forklift that can work in extended work shifts. Reliable for handling bulky loads, subject to lateral stresses in dusty conditions.

Our ...

The Strenght of a partnership: Raniero and E. Van Gent, the Netherlands

Since 2006 E.Van Gent successfully promotes Raniero Electric forklifts in the Netherlands and Belgium

An innovative business project combined with the ability of Raniero to offer compact high performing Electric forklifts like a diesel

E. Van Gent is a company specialized in the sale, rental and assistance of forklifts, machinery, equipment ...

Steel and aluminium: the Raniero Electric forklifts for steel mills

Steel plants and metal logistic sectors are high intensive and heavy fields. For handling of bars and coils, they require forklifts able to operate in long autonomy, constantly, handling heavy loads for long distances.

Do not be afraid. We have the right solution for you.

The result of our experience, ...

Green technology, high performances, narrow sides, long autonomy: Ds Smith enthusiastic of Raniero

Raniero has delivered two AC70-6-HT-CU 96V to Ds Smith, a global company leader in the production of packaging and containers made in recyclable paper, cartoon and plastic. Based on their logistic warehouse needs, Raniero has developed a high performance forklift. Narrow at its side that provides long battery autonomy when ...

A wide range of solutions for the automotive sector

Every single company belonging to the automotive sector, presents within it different production stages, peculiar configurations with specific systems and layouts. Each one plays one or more key roles throughout the production chain up to assembly and final tests.

A forklift can load-unload reels, wide steel plates from a truck or ...

 Logimat 2018: Raniero presents 50 years of experience in performing forklifts

Raniero will be present at Logimat 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany, from March 13th to 15th. We will present the evolution of our range in 6-25 tons high capacity electric forklifts.

During the fair exhibition, we will present our history to he public with 50 years of experience in various industrial sectors.

We ...

To handle paper rolls of 3 meters diameter: Sofidel Group S.p.a. has chosen Raniero technology

Sofidel Group, one of the world leaders in the market of the tissue paper for hygienic and domestic use production, bought two Raniero electric forklifts AC140-6-CO 120V for their production branch in Poland.

A very important Italian organization founded in 1966 that actually manages and coordinates companies located throughout Europe ...

Montelegno Timber group has chosen Raniero ACL70- 6

Raniero Forklifts has delivered the second ACL70-6 forklift unit to Montelegno Group, an important Italian timber manufacturing company.
They have chosen our ACL70-6 forklift model thanks to the proven reliability on handling heavy and wide loads, for its compact dimensions, friendly technology and the excellent value for money.

Montelegno di Pozzobon ...

C- as Container Handler Friendly

Do you have low height limits to meet or have to work inside Containers?

Raniero offers a full range of 4 to 12 ton forklifts with the C-Container Friendly configuration. This version comes from the need for who to load and unload containers. For those who need to operate in spaces with heights ...

Are you able to fulfil all of your customer’s requests?

Is your product catalogue complete? Are you able to fulfil all of your customer’s requests?

Raniero Forklifts deals with more than thirty countries with dealers and importers of Top brands: Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Cat, Crown, Jungheinrich, Konecranes, Kalmar, Toyota, Nissan, Still, Raymond, Nichiyu to name a few.

The benefits to you distributors is to ...

 Special Raniero Forklifts for a Special cargo transporter: Weisel Gabelstapler und Tranporte Gmbh

Raniero has delivered the first electric 14t to Weisel Gabelstapler und Tranporte Gmbh, a German company of special loads transport located in Renania area, near Frankfurt.
The compact dimensions and high performances of our Electric forklifts have been the reason of their choice of our Raniero Forklifts.

Since 1971, Weisel Gabelstapler ...

Long Experience in the Paper field

Working closely with leading pulp and paper companies, we have developed different solutions on handling paper rolls and bales

The Raniero forklifts\' series for paper industry is the result of very long experience in this field. 
To this product line is recognized the maximum reliability with high operating ...

 R- as Radio Remote Control

Raniero Forklifts extends its offered range of available instrumentation with the new Radio Commanded Guide configuration.

Have you ever played a radio controlled toy car? And a toy helicopter? Or to fly a drone?
Can you imagine being able to manoeuvre a forklift of 7, 12, 18 tons lifting capacity by driving ...

 Raniero arrives overseas: Mac Montacargas AC new dealer for Mexico

The growth in the new markets continues thanks to the agreement between Raniero and Mac Montacargas Ac, in Mexico.

Mac Montacargas is a company of forklifts founded in 1991 in Mexico.
Dealer of the Raymond brand in all Mexican Republic and in the state of Texas in USA.
They develop Customized projects in ...

Raniero reaches the English market: a new collaboration with Red Diamond Ltd.

Thanks to the new agreement, Raniero continues its development in the European Forklift market.

Red Diamond Distribution Ltd (RDD) are centrally located in Aldridge, United Kingdom.
They are the official importer of Mitsubishi forklift trucks for the UK, supporting a total of 20 dealers strategically located in England, Wales and Scotland. ...

 High performance & operating autonomy up to 10 working hours of 7 to 10 tons AC Electric forklifts

Raniero extends the AC Electric Forklift series from 7 to 10 tons with the new version of 96V battery of 1680Ah – 1860Ah – 2064Ah.
A new effective solution for high performance with a long operating autonomy up to 10 working hours.

This is the series consists of the AC70-6, ...

 AC120-6-CO-HT Rotating driver seat, compact, high performances for Airbus Deutschland

Airbus is a recognized brand in the airplane field.
Those who have never had the opportunity to fly in an Airbus A320 or in the majestic double decker A380?

Within a collaboration with Lagertech and Mr. Christian Hummel Brunner, Raniero forklift agent for Germany and Austria, Raniero has developed a ...

 Raniero AC Electric forklifts: Eco-friendly and reducing operative costs

Last 22nd of April, it was the Earth day.
An appointment that likes to remind us that we are simple guests in this planet.
Every year our planet is currently loosing over 15 billion of trees and several animal species are going extinct at a faster rate than ever before.

What ...

 Raniero presents its AC Electric Forklifts to Red Diamonds’ dealers, England

On day 2nd and 3rd of March, Raniero presented its own AC Electric forklifts medium and heavy range to Red Diamond Distibution Ltd.’s sub dealers.

This event was held during the annual conference meeting set by Red Diamond at MCFE- Mitsubishi Europe headquarter in Almere, Netherlands.
Red Diamond is Mitsubishi and Baumann ...

Ultra compact 8 tons. The Extreme customization of forklift\'s dimensions.

Within a collaboration with Ottosson Trucks AB, our dealer in Sweden, Raniero Forklifts has developed an electric forklift 8t@600 mm extremely compact, with a length to fork face of only 3100 mm, tailored for Shiloh AB company’s operational needs.

Shiloh AB is an important Swedish company specialized in cutting, molding and ...

Raniero Forklifts launches its new Website

Raniero forklifts has developed a website rich in content for all those who are fans or curious about the world of lift trucks.
At the same time the site has been designed as a training tool and support device for all dealers and distributors who want to complete their catalogue ...

 Logimat 2016- Stutgart, enthusiasm for Raniero Electric forklifts

From 8 to 10 of March 2016, Raniero Forklifts attended to the 14th edition of Logimat in Stutgart, Germany.
A fair exhibition of Logistic sector, handling materials and computerization of the processes.

Raniero Forklifts presented to a large audience from Germany and Austria, East Europe and Asia, its own solutions for handling ...

 Logistic fair Exhibition, Utrecht

Thanks a collaboration with E. Van Gent, Raniero Forklifts\' dealer for Netherlands and Belgium since 2007,

Raniero has attend LOGISTICA fair exhibition, an important event of material handling and logistic sector.

During this event, Raniero has presented to the visitors, mainly from Benelux countries, their own Compact Electric forklifts ACL70-6 and AC80-9-CO.

ACL70-6 ...