12000 kg at 600 mm load center - 26500 lbs at 24\' load center

AC120-6-C combines the flexibility to load and unload containers in different climatic and operational conditions. For those who need to work in spaces with heights just over 2200 mm.

Main characteristics:

  • Reliability guaranteed by particularly robust frames and masts, studied for moving heavy and bulky loads.
  • High performance thanks to a 96V and 120V battery tensions.
  • Using AC Technology (ALTERNATING CURRENT) to manage the traction motor 38kW (96V)/48kW (120V) and the lifting pump motor 45kW (120V)/50kW (120V), improving performance, autonomy and longevity of battery life.
  • Simple, efficient operator-forklift interaction and a rapid and precise response to every single activated command.
  • Zero emissions and low noise levels.
  • Recovery of energy during deceleration or the reverse direction phase.
  • External mast chains and high view cabin allow the operator to manoeuvre the forklift in surrounding areas promoting a safe workplace.
  • Rear infrared LED video camera with flat color monitor to make safety and visible handling operations.
  • Safe and ergonomic entry into the cabin with an optimal drivers seat position.
  • Gramemr seat provides high comfort to the driver
  • With the dynamic steering system, steering control is agile and precise.
  • Quick and safe direction change with Devio Command or a double pedal.
  • Fork carriage FEM5/ PYN-TYPE, 3 hydraulic ways with piping plus 4th, 5th, 6th and more, make the forklift more versatile for using equipment in different operating environments indoor/outdoor.
  • Sectors: paper, cotton, steel and aluminium, wood, logistic, recycling, empting containers.


Battery tension:
  • 96V - 120V
  • Rear battery extraction
  • LT: low tilt cylinders
  • CO: compact length
  • R: radio remote driving control
  • Integral side shift
  • Terminal West side shift and fork positioner
  • Tpsl side shift independent to fork positioner
  • Special attachments

Front twin:

  • SE: solid tires
  • CU: cushion in rubber
  • PL: cushion in polyurethane
  • Cover head guard
  • Upper covering and front window with wiper
  • Rear window with wiper
  • Upper covering, front and rear windows with wipers, PVC doors
  • Cabin complete of doors, windows and wipers
  • Pair of side security gates
Tools and devices:
  • Working LED lights with DC/DC controller
  • Road lights - low/high beam, flashing indicators, stop -
  • Blue spot light
  • Air conditioning
  • Heater
  • Front and rear defroster
  • Infrared led video camera with color LCD 5\" monitor
  • Static or Dynamic weighting system
  • Radio with CD/Mp3 player
  • Battery socket 12/24V
  • Speed reduction while lifted forks
Command controllers:
  • Levers
  • Electro hydraulic distributor with mini-fingers, forward/reverse switch and horn buttons in the Grammer armrest