3000 kg

RH30 is a forklift developed for lifting up to 3 tons with load center at 500mm.
Developed to offer high performances, agility, safety and comfort for the operator.

• Developed on well-reinforced mast with well-weighted chassis, it represents a strong forklift and agile too.
• The electronic management of bi-traction motors, lifting pump motor and steering, gives rapidity of movements.
Devio command or a double pedal brings a high ergonomic standard to the operator.
Grammer seat. • Wide visibility from the cabin thanks to external chains of mast.
Intuitive controls on display.
Easy access to driving position.
• Product line chosen for reliability demonstrated when it subjected to heavy loads and continuous work on multiple shifts.
Stability of masts in the handling of bulky goods.
• Flexibility in the use in indoor and outdoor areas with different types of flooring.
Fork carriage FEM3A, 3 hydraulic ways with piping plus 4th, 5th, 6th and more, make the forklift more versatile for using equipment in different operating environments.


Battery tension
  • 80V
  • Quickly battery change by battery pockets for forklifts or four hooks for cranes
  • LT: low tilt cylinders
  • C: container friendly Tyres Front single or twin
  • SE: solid tires
  • CU: cushion in rubber
  • PL: cushion in polyurethane
  • Cover head guard
  • Upper covering and front window with wiper
  • Cabin complete of doors and wipers
Tools and devices
  • Working led lights with DC/DC controller
  • Road lights 
  • Blue spot light
  • Air condition
  • Heater
  • Infrared led video camera with  LCD 7\" monitor
  • Weighting system
Command controllers
  • Levers
  • Mini fingers joystick
  • Mini levers joystick