C- Container Friendly 5000 kg - 10000 kg

5000 kg to 10000 kg at 600 mm load center - 11000 lbs to 22000 lbs at 24\' load center

Do you have low height limits to meet or have to work inside Containers? Range from 5 to 10 ton forklifts completed with the C-Container Friendly configuration.

This version comes on the need for who to load and unload containers. For those who need to operate in spaces with heights just over 2200 mm.

RH series 5000 kg - 6000 kg - 7000 kg:

  • RH50 - 60 - 70 offer high performances and zero emissions.
  • Line choice for reliability demonstrated when subjected to heavy loads and continuous work on multiple shifts.
  • Flexibility in the use in indoor and outdoor areas, with different types of flooring.

AC series 7000 kg - 8000 kg - 8000 kg at 900 mm - 10000 kg:

  • AC Forklifts series AC70-6 - 80-6 - 80-9 - 100L-6 were developed to move large and heavy loads in tight spaces and in different climatic conditions.
  • Using AC technology –ALTERNATING CURRENT- to manage the traction motor 32kW (80V) / 38kW (96V) / 45kW (120V) and the lifting pump motor 42kW (80V) / 48kW (96V) / 50kW (120V), improving performances, autonomy and longevity of charged battery.
  • Reliability guaranteed by particularly robust frames and masts able to withstand external stresses.
  • Working in long and frequent operation shifts.
  • Applications with special equipments - paper clamps, coil booms, multiple forks.
  • Indoor / outodoor operations in different ground conditions.
  • Quickly replacing battery by another forklift or a crane.


Battery tension:

RH series:

  • 80V - 96V
  • SBE - side battery extraction - optional

AC series:

  • 80V - 96V - 120V
  • Rear battery extraction
  • LT: low tilt cylinders
  • CO: compact length
  • R: radio remote driving control
  • Integral side shift
  • Terminal West side shift and fork positioner
  • Tpsl side shift independent to fork positioner
  • Special attachments

Front single or twin

  • SE: solid tyres
  • CU: cushion in rubber
  • PL: cushion in polyurethane
  • Cover head guard
  • Upper covering and front window with wiper
  • Rear window with wiper
  • Upper covering, front and rear windows with wipers, PVC doors
  • Cabin complete of doors, windows and wipers
  • Pair of side security gates
Tools and devices:
  • Working LED lights with DC/DC controller
  • Road lights - low/high beam, flashing indicators, stop -
  • Blue spot light
  • Air conditioning
  • Heater
  • Front and rear defroster
  • Infrared led video camera with color LCD 5\" monitor
  • Static or Dynamic weighting system
  • Radio with CD/Mp3 player
  • Battery socket 12/24V
  • Speed reduction while lifted forks
Command controllers:
  • Levers
  • Electro hydraulic distributor with mini-fingers, forward/reverse switch and horn buttons in the armrest
  • Devio command at steering
  • Forward reverse bi-pedal and brake
  • Central brake pedal, forward reverse double pedals