AC160L-12, AC180L-12, AC200L-12, AC220L-12 120V - Heavy duty applications

16000kg, 18000kg, 20000kg, 22000kg at 1200 mm

The AC series from 16 to 22 tons with load center at 1200mm represents our long experience in the high capacity electric forklifts field.
The developing of this innovative line comes from the needs of the manufacturing companies to use performing forklifts for the handling of heavy loads saving operating costs, versatility and zero pollutant emissions.

Main characteristics:

  • The electronic management AC and batteries 120V voltage allow this forklift series equal performance to those of internal combustion of similar range.
  • Energy saving: each engine- traction 90kW (120V), lifting pump 62kW (120V), 13kW (120V) steering- is activated individually when required.
  • AC technology offers a list of advantages for the driver. Rapid and precise response to every single activated command.
  • Liquid cooling system
    For long working operations and heavy duty applications

    - High performances
    - No maintenances
    - No cleaning activities requested
    - Avoid any dust into the motors
  • Central greasing
  • SE - Solid tyres 4+2 -, wide only b2= 2450 mm, less wide than other forklift brands
  • TPSL separated side shift from fork positioner. 4 hydraulic ways with piping.
  • No vibration emissions on handling loads benefiting safe workplace during lifting, tilting or shifting.
  • No impetuous movement typical of diesel engines in driving phases.
  • Operator-forklift interaction regarding movements, diagnosis of anomalies and in the management of working parameters.
  • A confortable cabin with a 360° and overhead view
    Magnifica Cabin is for who likes to have a smooth cabin where operator is surrounded by plastic dashboards that cover each side and ai conditioner / heater nozzles too
    Rear window is possible to be open
    Bottle holder
    Ergonomic adjustable seat with seatbelt Grammer mod. Pneumatic springing Seat PRIMO EL PLUS and automatic adjusting electronically
    Wider seat of 530 mm
    Second passenger seat
  • Power assisted steering that optimizes space and maneuvers. Devio command or bi-pedal for a quick and safe change of gear.
  • Braking system in oil bath with energy recovery on deceleration or reversal of the driving direction.
  • Well-weighted and robust chassis, a reinforced mast with a cart with 6 bearings d.220 mm bring stability, safety and reliability during the handling of heavy and often bulky loads.
  • Rear battery positioning to facilitate a quick change.


Battery tension:

  • 120V
  • Rear battery extraction
  • Liquid cooling


  • LT: low tilt cylinders


  • Tpsl side shift independent to fork positioner
  • Special attachments

Tyres: Front twin:

  • SE - solid tyres


  • Cover head guard
  • Upper covering and front window with wiper
  • Rear window with wiper
  • Upper covering, front and rear windows with wipers, PVC doors
  • Magnifca Cabin complete of doors, windows and wipers
  • Rotating seat position operator

Tools and devices:

  • Working LED lights with DC/DC controller
  • Road lights - low/high beam, flashing indicators, stop
  • Blue spot light
  • Air conditioning
  • Heater
  • Front and rear defroster
  • Infrared led video camera with color LCD 5\" monitor
  • Static or Dynamic weighting system
  • Radio with CD/Mp3 player
  • Battery socket 12/24V
  • Speed reduction while lifted forks

Command controllers:

  • Electro hydraulic distributor with mini-fingers, forward/reverse switch and horn buttons in the armrest
  • Forward reverse bi-pedal and brake
  • Central brake pedal, forward reverse double pedals