C150 H - C160 H - C170 H - C180 H

15000 kg, 16000 kg, 17000 kg, 18000 kg at 600 mm load center

High visibility mast
Duplex, Duplex Free lift, Triplex Free lift
3 hydraulic ways with piping 
Forks 200 x90 x1200 mm PYN-TYPE 

Engine, transmission and technical specifications:
Diesel Engine 
3B-Final IV VOLVO serie TAD 571 VE with electronic control, 6 cylinders, 129 kW- 175Hp, AD-BLUE 45lt.
Stage 3A IVECO N series, 6700 cc. 128KW-175Hp
Hydrostatic transmission POCLAIN, twin hydraulic motor Poclain, hydraulic parking brake, mechanical control 
Switch at steering or double pedal, power steering
Solid tires
Cover head guard cabin, Grammer seat 
Intuitive control display: horn, acoustical alarm reverse gear, flash lamp.
Easy access to driving position.
Use and maintenance manual, spare parts manual       
CE certificate
Lightness, agility, combined with reliability and robustness



LT: low tilt cylinders
CO: compact
DH: high tilt cylinders


Single or twin
SE: solid
PN: pneumatic

  • Integral side shift
  • Terminal West Side shift and fork positioner
  • Tpsl separated side shift from fork positioner
  • Special attachments
Engine Optional
  • Water muffler
  • Catalytic muffler
  • Oil bath filter
  • Cooling extra exchange
  • Cover head guard
  • Top cover and front window with wiper
  • Cabin complete of doors and wipers
Accessories and equipment
  • Working led lights with DC/DC converter
  • Road lights 
  • Blue spot light
  • Air condition
  • Heater
  • Infrared LED camera kit with LCD flat color 7”
  • Weighting system control
Control commands
  • Levers
  • Mini fingers joystick
  • Mini levers joystick