C150 H-12 - C160 H-12 - C180 H-12

 15000 kg, 16000 kg at 1200 mm load center

High visibility mast
Duplex, Duplex Free lift, Triplex Free lift
3 hydraulic ways with piping 
Forks 200 x90 x2400 mm PYN-TYPE

Engine, transmission and technical specifications:
Diesel Engine 
DEUTZ Engine with electronic control, 6 cylinders, 170 kW- 232Hp, Stage 3A 
Hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic parking brake, mechanical control 
Switch at steering or double pedal, power steering
Solid tires
Cover head guard cabin, Grammer seat 
Intuitive control display: horn, acoustical alarm reverse gear, flash lamp.
Easy access to driving position.
Use and maintenance manual, spare parts manual       
CE certificate
Lightness, agility, combined with reliability and robustness


  • LT: low tilt cylinders

SE: solid tires
PN: pneumatic

  • Integral side shift
  • Terminal West Side shift and fork positioner
  • Tpsl separated side shift from fork positioner
  • Special attachments
Engine Optional
  • Water muffler
  • Catalytic muffler
  • Oil bath filter
  • Cooling extra exchange
  • Cover head guard
  • Upper covering and front window with wiper
  • Cabin complete of doors and wipers
Accessories and equipment
  • Working led lights with DC/DC converter
  • Road lights 
  • Blue spot light
  • Air condition
  • Heater
  • Infrared LED camera kit with LCD flat color 7”
  • Weighting system control
Command controllers
  • Levers
  • Mini fingers joystick
  • Mini levers joystick